What you need to know in order to avoid furuncle?

Although furuncle is a common condition, there are not many who know much about them and how can be prevented.

What is furuncle?

Furuncle is a bacterial infection of pilo-sebaceous follicle (hair root) leading to accumulation of pus under the skin. In other words, Furuncles is a more severe type of folliculitis caused by Staphylococcus gold.

Why do furuncle appear?

It is estimated that 10-12% of the population are “carriers of this staphylococcus”. Areas where it is usually worn are nostrils, axile, and groin area between the buttocks. A tiny scratch on the skin and you can be infected with this Staphylococcus.

Factors that increase the risk of developing boils:

  • A poor general health
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia due to iron deficiency
  • Other skin diseases
  • Immunosuppressive drugs

Looks like a boil?

At first, the injury looks like a little bump, red, itchy, growing and the pus is accumulated, become painful and develop a yellow top.

Where furuncle appear?

Favorite gathering areas are covered with hair, who perspire more: the face, neck, armpit, buttocks, but can occur in any other portion of the skin.

How to treat furuncle ?

Treatment includes both general measures (personal hygiene with soap and water daily, using personal towel, avoiding excessive sweating), and specific treatment prescribed by a doctor. It usually includes an oral antibiotic (usually penicillin) and a local antiseptic (chlorhexidine, betadina), hot compresses may be useful that will hasten the accumulation of pus and the formation of “head”.

DO NOT squeeze because can cause other boils or other extreme cases even septicemia, which untreated can be fatal. In some cases you may need surgery which will open the wound and a drain, that will allow pus to leak.

How to prevent the boils occurrence?

People who are prone to these infections must maintain strict hygiene of the skin by regular use of an antibacterial soap to prevent accumulation of bacteria on the skin.

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