How CBD is Helping People to Alleviate Pain and Manage Anxiety

There are many people who live with debilitating pain and anxiety every day and for many of those, these conditions affect their lives to a noticeable degree. Perhaps after trying dozens of prescription remedies, people are looking for alternative methods of regaining control of and enjoying their lives. CBD is one such alternative.

How CBD is Helping People Improve Their Health

How CBD is Helping People Improve Their Health

Menstrual pain is one of the types of conditions that interfere with productivity. Women often miss work or postpone obligations during this time in her cycle. Many people are using CBD for period pain caused by cramps. It is often only after traditional medications have failed to provide any actual relief when they reach out to homeopathic and non-traditional methods as a last resort. CBD is completely natural and for some women, this method offers hope where there was none previously. Continue reading

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Plastic glasses affect your health

From previous studies it was known that when pour boiling water in a plastic glass, BPA compound is released 55 times faster than in other situations. But soon it became known that BPA issue continues after hot water was removed from the glass, which indicate that even simple washing of the plastic glass can lead to increased BPA content.

According to the study conducted at the Health Control Center, the compound BPA in urine was found in more than 95% of those tested. Also, scientists measured the amount of BPA in blood, umbilical cord and placenta in pregnant women, and thus it was found that the levels are so higher and may affect fetal development. Continue reading

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Calcium – an essential mineral

Calcium is an essential mineral for the body and vital for women, especially in adulthood, between 35 and 65. But not only – Calcium is a vital mineral for children, teens, adults, women. Why?

Because this mineral is essential for bones, interfering with bone formation and maintenance. Is fundamental to the structure, strength and vitality of teeth. Is involved in transmitting nerve impulses and regulating cell membrane permeability, so necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and all tissues. Calcium activates enzymes and hormones. Facilitates absorption of vitamin B12. Helps to maintain electrolyte balance. And all these are just some attributions of calcium. Pregnant women should also supplement calcium consumption.

Continue reading

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Asthma and surgery

Surgery alters the risk of hypoxaemia ventilation exchange (oxygenation failure of an organ) and hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood), promotes atelectasis (absence of air in an area or the whole lung) by mucous plugs , alter postoperative pain and promotes the cough and dyspnea.

The highest risks are found in patients with severe asthma, undergoing chest or upper abdominal surgery.

Postoperative preventive measures:

  • Functional monitoring a few days before surgery (including oral corticotherapy)
  • Adding inhaled bronchodilators or systemic administration. Continue reading
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Broccoli protects you from diabetes and pulmonary diseases

Several recent studies have been carried out by U.S. researchers and place broccoli in a # 1 ranking of 100 healthy foods that you must eat. Broccoli contains isothiocyanate, substances with important antioxidant and anticancer effects. Free radicals alter the metabolic balance of lung cells and prevents their proper functioning, according to the study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, because of sulforaphane (one of the beneficial phytonutrients found in broccoli), broccoli consumption is good for lungs exposed to cigarette smoke and pollution.

Another study at the University of Warwick talks about the benefits that broccoli bring after consumption by people with diabetes. Sulforaphane reduce by 73% molecules known as ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), whose their appearance in the body is caused by hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia may cause increased ROS levels in the body even three times the normal limit. Thus, broccoli is a very important food and a great help in feeding people with diabetes. Continue reading

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What is seasonal depression and how to fix it

You feel tired, you do not want to do anything but rest. Are clear signs of depression … But why we hear more and more people complaining about such unpleasant feelings? One clue is the cold and unpleasant weather, the cold is not guilty, but dark days.

Studies over time have shown a close link between limited exposure to sunlight and bad moods, depression. Researchers have not found exactly why reduced exposure to sunlight affects our mood, but is believed to have a direct link with serotonin levels in the body.

Another theory to take into account is that the sunlight influence the biological clock. Variations of light signals transmitted into organism, regulating mood, sleep and release various types of hormone in the body. When the amount of light is reduced, the biological clock is “late” and there are problems both physical and psychological level. Continue reading

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Hair loss: why?

Although hair loss is more common among men, there are many women who face this problem. Much of dermatological consultations have hair loss as the primary reason. Remain some folklore according to which hair loss is attributed to stress.

Actually, baldness can have multiple medical causes: endocrine, infectious, nutritional, inflammatory diseases of the scalp, etc.. Testosterone, the male hormone has a direct influence on hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a derivative of testosterone that occurs in most cases, hair loss. This is one of the main reasons for alopecia (hair loss), more common among men.

Testosterone is also present in women, in small quantities, but sufficient to lead to the formation of dihydrotestosterone, responsible for hair loss. Amount of testosterone in women vary, depending on various factors, including the elderly and the hereditary nature. Although variations in blood testosterone levels may be quite small, the effect is hair loss. Continue reading

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Classification of Alzheimer’s symptoms

Cognitive Symptoms

These symptoms are characterized by gradual onset, is progressive cognitive decline.

  • Memory problems: a person may not learn new information but neither remembers previously learned information. Usually, people remember old memories, but forget what they did the day before.
  • Language disorders: not find their words, or replace some words in the sentence so that it becomes incomprehensible.
  • Can not perform some motor activity: for example, no longer knows how to dress properly, do not know how to brush their hair or brush their teeth etc.
  • Not recognized objects around.
  • Reasoning problems: people with Alzheimer’s can not do simple math, or completely forget the significance of numbers. Continue reading
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Alzheimer’s disease: treatment

There’s no cure for the disease. Treatment addresses to disorders that develop each patient: antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics when the patient has hallucinations and delirium. In addition, psychotherapy is useful in depressed patients.

There are several medicines that are used in early and moderate forms of the disease and who succeed in slowing memory loss, and therefore prolong patient’s life quality, but “no medicinal prevent nerve cells deformation and blocks formation of amyloid protein.

The average duration of survival of a person with Alzheimer’s is 8-10 years. We must not neglect any medical problems associated with care: urinary tract infections, cardiac and pulmonary complications, skin lesions, etc. Continue reading

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What you need to know in order to avoid furuncle?

Although furuncle is a common condition, there are not many who know much about them and how can be prevented.

What is furuncle?

Furuncle is a bacterial infection of pilo-sebaceous follicle (hair root) leading to accumulation of pus under the skin. In other words, Furuncles is a more severe type of folliculitis caused by Staphylococcus gold.

Why do furuncle appear?

It is estimated that 10-12% of the population are “carriers of this staphylococcus”. Areas where it is usually worn are nostrils, axile, and groin area between the buttocks. A tiny scratch on the skin and you can be infected with this Staphylococcus. Continue reading

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