Alzheimer’s disease: treatment

There’s no cure for the disease. Treatment addresses to disorders that develop each patient: antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics when the patient has hallucinations and delirium. In addition, psychotherapy is useful in depressed patients.

There are several medicines that are used in early and moderate forms of the disease and who succeed in slowing memory loss, and therefore prolong patient’s life quality, but “no medicinal prevent nerve cells deformation and blocks formation of amyloid protein.

The average duration of survival of a person with Alzheimer’s is 8-10 years. We must not neglect any medical problems associated with care: urinary tract infections, cardiac and pulmonary complications, skin lesions, etc.

Therapeutic approach should not be forgotten in the patient’s family with Alzheimer’s dementia, which is confronted with feelings like pain, despair, rage against the disease and sometimes from ill due to physical and nervous exhaustion caused by continuous surveillance efforts.

Physical activity and intellectual exercise reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. In fact, exercise is very important to all people as improve mobility and help maintain independence. Among normal individuals is demonstrated that moderate intensity exercise helps to improve cognitive function.

Type of exercise should be chosen depending on each person’s abilities. Moreover, people with this disease should follow “invigorating massage techniques for the brain, but also speech therapy and exercise.”

Education researchers are very interested in discovering a better treatment for Alzheimer’s, in this case they made a series of tests on people who have different memory problems. They also are interested in preventing this disease, to stop it and to ease symptoms or evolution.

Here are some tips:

  1. Vitamin B3 protects you against Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Exercise may slow Alzheimer’s progression
  3. There is a “vaccine” that prevents Alzheimer’s
  4. People at risk of developing Alzheimer’s are those depressive
  5. Fruit protects you against Alzheimer’s
  6. Extra pounds protect us from Alzheimer’s
  7. Fried foods trigger Alzheimer’s

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