Asthma and surgery

Surgery alters the risk of hypoxaemia ventilation exchange (oxygenation failure of an organ) and hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood), promotes atelectasis (absence of air in an area or the whole lung) by mucous plugs , alter postoperative pain and promotes the cough and dyspnea.

The highest risks are found in patients with severe asthma, undergoing chest or upper abdominal surgery.

Postoperative preventive measures:

  • Functional monitoring a few days before surgery (including oral corticotherapy)
  • Adding inhaled bronchodilators or systemic administration.

Most drugs used for local or general anesthesia are also indicated in patients with asthma. In some cases, especially those who suffer from a form of unstable asthma, some surgical procedures may aggravate asthma or lead to spastic cough. If this happens under anesthesia, he will be able to keep everything under control. To reduce the risk of slow breathing or coughing, before and after anesthesia make sure that asthma is under control. Even if one lung is not working, general anesthesia is done safely, with all that is needed special care before and after surgery.

Care before surgery

If you are part of the category of people who suffer from asthma, you are exposed to a higher risk of developing problems during and after surgery than those who have this disease. Special care of asthma up to a month before surgery can reduce the risks of complications. People with a severe form of asthma may have a short-term treatment with oral corticosteroids to improve lung function before surgery and to prevent complications.

Tips you need to do before an anesthetic:

  • For a month before the surgery, control your asthma as well as possible using optional drugs against symptoms;
  • Avoid exposing your to risk factors;
  • Smoking is a risk factor, however, before surgery give up cigarettes.

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