Calcium – an essential mineral

Calcium is an essential mineral for the body and vital for women, especially in adulthood, between 35 and 65. But not only – Calcium is a vital mineral for children, teens, adults, women. Why?

Because this mineral is essential for bones, interfering with bone formation and maintenance. Is fundamental to the structure, strength and vitality of teeth. Is involved in transmitting nerve impulses and regulating cell membrane permeability, so necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and all tissues. Calcium activates enzymes and hormones. Facilitates absorption of vitamin B12. Helps to maintain electrolyte balance. And all these are just some attributions of calcium. Pregnant women should also supplement calcium consumption.

During pre-and postmenopausal women need extra calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis, but also to help regulate hormonal balance disturbed by physiological cessation of ovarian function, teenagers need calcium in the growth period, and children, to combat rickets, in combination with vitamin D3. In principle, it would be easy to take one gram of calcium in the form of pills, per day, but the big problem is that it is also difficult to assimilate

Everybody knows that the main sources of calcium is found in milk and derived products: cheese, yogurt, sour cream. But such products bring large amounts of fat, so sometimes avoid them. Salt reduces the body’s ability to absorb calcium, choose cottage cheese, not feta. Orange juice contains a significant amount of calcium, easily assimilated. Bananas are a source of high quality calcium, but they are at the same time rich in calories. Top of vegetables rich in calcium, include potatoes, cauliflower and beans.

Soya and soya derivatives are high in calcium and good for diet, you should avoid animal products. Rice, especially the paddy is, in turn, an excellent source of calcium. Spinach, lettuce and all green leafy vegetables, which can be eaten without cooking are easily assimilable calcium. Another source is the nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and pumpkin that couples calcium with other essential minerals.

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