Chronic pain can be treated!

One in five Europeans suffer from chronic pain, suffering on average seven years, and some people said that sometimes the pain is so strong that in those moments they want to die. Although a negative experience, felt physically, pain is absolutely necessary for our body’s signal problems. Without pain, our body could actually destroy itself without realizing.

Pain can be of two types: acute and chronic. Acute pain has a positive role, determined by an obvious cause and can be treated easily with analgesia

19% of adults in Europe suffer from chronic pain. On the other hand, chronic pain has a negative role, as this without knowing the causes that lead has a cyclic evolution and persists after removal of the case. A study in Europe, which included more than 46,000 people showed that 19% of adults in Europe suffer from chronic pain of moderate and high intensity.

Unfortunately, another study finding was that on in four patients believe that the doctor has no knowledge on how to control the pain, and throughout Europe, chronic pain management is perceived as inadequate. Two thirds of patients believe that medication is not enough to control pain.

Pain “destroyers of lives”. Many individuals who face constant pain, lose their job, withdraw from social life, are irritable and depressed, and some even suicide. One in five individuals with chronic pain loses his job because of pain, according to the same European study.

Women reported pain more frequently and more intensely than men, and differences are present not only in pain perception, but also how to talk about it, how to accommodate, the medication, etc. Morphine, one of the most popular opioids, act differently in the brains of women than of men, women needing a double dose for the same degree of improvement.

In some European Union countries chronic pain is regarded as a disease itself, and not as a symptom and treated appropriately, using analgesic for severe pain relief.

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