Couperose is the enemy of your skin

This is a chronic disease with progressive evolution. Couperose represents the second stage of rosacea, a skin disease of inflammatory nature. The four stages are:

  • Transient reddening of the face caused by various stimuli such as cold, sudden thermal variations, alcohol, hot drinks, spices, this is due to an exaggerated vascular reactivity.
  • Erythemato-teleangiectatic cuperotic, where the redness becomes permanent due to irreversible dilation of blood vessels, which is seen through the skin and in the form of red veined.
  • Papulo-pustular stage: appear white-yellow blisters filled with pus.
  • The last stage is called fima and refers to the increase in volume of the nose (Rhinophyma), chin (gnatofima) or ear (otofima).

Factors favoring development of Couperose are very pale skin, or sedentary life. Besides the unsightly appearance, may be associated with local burning sensation.

Associations. In most cases Couperose is accompanied by infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria responsible for ulcers. In this case, treatment will include its eradication. Another association detected in about half the cases is the occurrence of migraines, increased vascular reactivity. Depending on the area, dilation of blood vessels will cause redness of the face and headaches.


  • Avoiding these factors: unprotected exposure to sunlight, heat, excessive cold or temperature variations, alcohol, hot drinks, spices and hot baths.
  • Avoid applying on the face of cortisone-based products: although rapidly mask the symptoms that look ugly, creates a very difficult addiction to treat, in addition, the adverse effects include premature aging of skin and blood vessel dilation.
  • We can also use tetracycline or erythromycin. Also, metronidazole has dramatic effects if used twice daily.
  • To improve the cosmetics of redness we can use a wide range of products available on the market.
  • Treatment of laser or pulsed light to improve the appearance of dilated vessels have spectacular results.

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