Cystitis – discomfort or illness?

A problem that affects us, especially women, cystitis is a bladder infection, commonly seen and painful enough to disrupt the rhythm of daily activities. Although many representatives of females prefer to ignore the symptoms, hoping that “will pass” or be treated “by ear”, cystitis can give serious complications, including damages to kidneys.

Recognize cystitis. A particularly vexing health problem, affecting a lot of women, cystitis shows a combination of symptoms consisting of thick urine, cloudy urine and burning when urinating. According to the doctor, there must be simultaneously all three symptoms to say you have cystitis. In more serious cases, the urine is foul-smelling or contains blood.

If the infection reaches the kidneys, the affected person can urinate with high fever or blood. This type of infection, called pyelonephritis, is accompanied with fever and back pain.

But there is the possibility of burning when urinating is not caused by a urinary infection, in this case is about a urethral syndrome. After medical investigations.

Causes of cystitis. Enabling factors are too rigorous or aggressive and hygiene, constipation, use of diaphragms or spermicidal gels, wearing clothes too tight or synthetic material, as well as diabetes.

How to prevent cystitis To prevent symptoms of cystitis, but also to avoid a relapse, it is recommended to follow some rules but without abusing them.

Here are the main steps you can take against cystitis:

  • Drink large amounts of fluid (plain water or tea, mineral water, but in moderation)
  • Combat constipation (is indicated an increased consumption of green leafy vegetables, chicken, fish and whole grains)
  • Urinate 4-5 times a day at regular intervals
  • Urinate after every sexual contact
  • Wearing clothes and underwear made of cotton, not too tight

How to treat cystitis

After a medical examination, your doctor will prescribe the right treatment, which usually consists of antibiotics. The most commonly used antibiotics to treat cystitis are norfloxacin, ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, but also biseptol.

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