High heels, a danger to your health

We feel much more feminine and more elegant when wearing a pair of high heels. But that pleasure has its price. Depends how you’re willing to pay …

Don’t wear any new high heels that have a negative effect on our health. Joints, muscles and bone structure will greatly suffer. However, many women choose heels every day. Question that we should ask is what to choose between elegance and health.

One in three women wear heels at least once a week, and one study showed that three quarters of them fell and were injured while wearing heels.

A team of Harvard researchers found a direct connection between wearing high heels and knee osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease characterized by deterioration of cartilage that covers the knee. Heels gives you the impression of stability. For this reason, women wear high heels, all day.

Sciatica, a painful condition in which nerves are ‘stuck’, conveying a sense of numbness and pain from back to feet. Another common problem is that the Achilles tendon is damaged forever. Besides the negative effects of heels, they make a pretty big pressure on your fingers. Among the most common effects are – deformity of the thumb. Even if you have not thought, wearing heels can give you headaches.

Sole nerve receptors, the spine and muscles send information about movement, limb position. Because the muscles to function at normal capacity, must receive information from sole nerve. Receiving this information, the body regulates its center of gravity when we are in orthostatic position (standing).

Often using high heels, induce in error the body and certain parts of your body will be overburdened. Overuse of muscles, lead-like a domino game – to the atrophy of others and muscle atrophy is a risk factor for the onset of osteoarthritis.

Before you buy a gorgeous pair of heels, think about the risks …

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