Migraines – possible causes

1. Physical factors

Lifting heavy objects or exercise can cause a migraine. Constipation is another factor which favors the appearance. It is therefore important to have a healthy and balanced life. Hydrate and eat enough fiber to get rid of constipation. Do not ever skip meals and eat as much as possible to fixed hours. If you decide to quit smoking, you’d better ask the advice of a professional to advise you that giving up tobacco after a long period of smoking can also cause migraines.

2. Hormonal changes

Headaches that feel women during the menstrual cycle is called “menstrual migraine” may disappear with menopause when estrogen levels start to drop. Pregnancy and childbirth can reduce migraines in some women, but for others it may increase them. In general, if you suffer from migraines, taking contraceptives should be determined by your doctor. Thus, we recommend the use of pills that have a very low dose of estrogen. Contraceptive pill, along with hypertension and tobacco increases the risk of stroke in women who have migraines.

3. Vitamin deficiencies

Hunger may produce a migraine, so it is not advisable to skip meals especially if you suffer frequent headaches. When eating, do not hurry. Chew food well and not let distracted by other activities during meal. Consume calcium-rich foods that help and prevent osteoporosis. Also, you can take some magnesium supplements.

Herbal remedy against migraine. If you frequently suffer from migraines, try some herbal remedies. Here are three suggestions:

* Apples can help in the expulsion of migraines of any kind. After peeling, make a juice, it is recommended to drink every morning on an empty stomach, with a little salt. This treatment should last a week.

* Cinnamon help to treat migraines caused by exposure to cold air. A paste of cinnamon and water applied to the temples and forehead.

* Rosemary soothe your headache caused by cold. A handful of this herb should be boiled in a liter of water. Inhale the steam as long as you resist. The process is repeated until the pain disappears.

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