Plastic glasses affect your health

From previous studies it was known that when pour boiling water in a plastic glass, BPA compound is released 55 times faster than in other situations. But soon it became known that BPA issue continues after hot water was removed from the glass, which indicate that even simple washing of the plastic glass can lead to increased BPA content.

According to the study conducted at the Health Control Center, the compound BPA in urine was found in more than 95% of those tested. Also, scientists measured the amount of BPA in blood, umbilical cord and placenta in pregnant women, and thus it was found that the levels are so higher and may affect fetal development.

Side effects of the BPA compound:

  • Structural lesions of the brain;
  • Hyperactivity, aggression increases and weakens the power of learning;
  • Increased fat deposit and the risk of obesity;
  • Weakens the immune system;
  • Abnormal sexual stimulation;
  • Stimulates prostate cancer cells;
  • Increased prostate size and decreases the amount of sperm.

It shows the highest risk pregnancies, because BPA causes chromosomal errors even if is found in a small amount. These chromosomal errors that grow on the fetus can lead to miscarriage.

Tips to reduce exposure to BPA. Can eliminate the long-term exposure to BPA:

  1. Food reserves should be kept in glass containers rather than plastic.
  2. When you want to use microwave oven, do not use plastic containers;
  3. Avoid foods wrapped in plastic;
  4. If you choose to use plastic kitchen utensils (spoon, fork, ladle), dishwasher or wash them with harsh detergents as they can stimulate the release of chemicals in a larger amount in food;
  5. Latest advice and perhaps the most important and safest is to throw plastic ustensils and cups and replace them with glass.

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