Varicose veins – prevention and treatment

Varicose veins can become very annoying. Summer is the season in which the disease gets worse, because high temperatures. It is therefore very important to know some methods of prevention and treatment.

What are varicose veins? In case the veins no longer provide an adequate circulation of blood, they can expand, creating real “lakes” of blood. When are located superficially, these veins become visible, dilated and often produce symptoms – fatigue, weight or pain sensation to that member. In severe cases, varicose veins may break or may give rise to ulcerated lesions, open skin.

Treatment. Behavior therapy is always adapted to the evolutionary stage of the disease. Currently, curative treatment includes elements that can be used in various combinations, to obtain optimum effects. These include:

Veins removal by microsurgical techniques (with incisions that are are after a few months, virtually invisible), these interventios are performed under local or partial anesthesia (epidural)

For small vessels, thin surface where surgery can not be applied, can do some sclerotherapy by injection of irritating substances (most often using hypertonic saline, which can be inserted into an anesthetic to relieve pain ) or you can use the laser.

You should know that removal of varicose veins does not prevent further varicose veins. This does not mean that varicose veins have recurred.

Recommendations to improve venous circulation;

  • Avoid prolonged standing.
  • Use special elastic stockings.
  • Do regular exercise: gym, walking and swimming favors venous return.
  • Sleep with your legs elevated (eg with a pillow placed under your feet) at night and whenever possible, especially during pregnancy.
  • Do a cold shower daily to the legs or cold water showers alternate with hot water.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, steam baths and all that means intense heat in the leg.
  • Avoid lifting weights and limit intake of saturated fats (butter, red meat).

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